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Here are a collection of articles on artificial light, circadian rhythms, and how to optimize your sleep and health.

(and why I still use it) F.lux, Night Shift, and other screen “filter” apps are not the solution to circadian disruption and poor sleep. Read on to learn why. Light-emitting Devices It seems that every week there are new studies and news articles about the dangers of using electronic devices at nighttime. Unfortunately the screens [...]

Wearing high quality orange glasses at nighttime is one of the most effective ways to maintain a robust circadian rhythm. They block out the strongest melatonin suppressing wavelengths and still leave you with enough color rendition to go about your normal activities. I consider them an absolute must have when using a computer, phone, or [...]

Scam Alert!! As the public becomes increasingly aware of the dangers of blue light at night, scammers have taken notice. There have been several fake screen protector products that claim to protect you from the harmful effects of blue light. There is even one brand aggressively promoting their $35 screen protector with BS testimonials and [...]

Light can vary dramatically in spectrum even is it is classified as the same color temperature. Light from LED and fluorescent sources is very different than incandescent lighting, even if they look the same on the surface. Not all “Soft White” is equal Whenever there is an article published on blue light and LEDs, someone [...]


CoeLux is an Italian company that has developed an artificial skylight that is astonishingly realistic. The Awesome Paolo Di Trapani, an Italian professor, is the inventor of this new lighting design concept and work of art. The actual light source is LED tuned to match the spectrum of sunlight. Unfortunately no spectrograph was provided. The [...]

Image courtesy of MIT

If you have read through this site at all, you’ll know that incandescent lamps are my preferred light source. From a health and wellness prospective they are superior to fluorescent and LEDs. So I was excited when MIT made a huge announcement earlier this month. Researchers have created a working prototype of a high tech [...]

I had a brief exchange with Dr. Jack Kruse on Twitter the other day. He made the claim that using incandescent lamps with dimmers is bad for your health. Well that certainly got my attention as I am a huge proponent of using dimmers. There are dimmers on most fixtures in my home and I [...]